Pronounced (spa·na·ko·pi·ta)
This is a popular Greek dish defined as being a savory spinach pie. Containing a series of ingredients, from spinach, onion, scallions and light feta cheese, to finely chopped leeks, a
hint of dill, and much more seasoned to
perfection and wrapped in
flaky phyllo dough.
We have taken an old family recipe and traveled the Greek countryside to perfect this classic and bring you an authentic taste of this traditional dish.

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Get your order in while you can!

To ensure quality and homemade authenticity, we limit orders and only make

a certain number of this delicious classic each week!

We are currently serving the Sarasota area, but could potentially

deliver further based on demand, Contact Us!

3 Simple Steps

1.) Currently orders are made once a month in bulk or upon request for catering! 

Simply click go to the "Order My Pies page" and click the amount you desire! Then decide on the options and provide 5 things:


 -Type of Pie

-Not baked or baked ( + $5 )

-Phone number

-pickup or delivery ( + $5 )

You'll receive a followup email to discuss the details and confirm your order ,

payment options along with a pickup or delivery details!


2.) All Spanakopita will be made the first week of each month unless its a special request for catering. Communicate with us to plan an order for your event! You can pickup your order from the commercial kitchen or choose to have delivery

for a small upcharge of $5 added to your order!


3.) Enjoy Your Spanakopita!!! If unbaked, either bake them or freeze them within a couple days, otherwise enjoy and store the remaining baked pies up to 5 days in the fridge! See the FAQ page for Baking or reheating instructions!




Darlien and Sotirios 

Behind the original recipe

Jonathan Simos

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Sotirios' original Spanakopita recipe is the classic pie we offer, and the recipe provides the base for all the creative variations.


If you want to enjoy the classic in a restaurant setting, go to Millies Restaurant on a Thursday order and order one as the special with a side salad!  Located off Clark and Sawyer and open until 2:30 pm!

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Understanding its difficult to find true representations of Spanakopita in America, Jonathan wanted to share this delicious recipe with others through Get Your Greek Food.