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Note: All orders will be served Not baked unless specified, to allow more storage options.



Our Classic Spanakopita along with delicious and innovative variations



*The Classic Spanakopita:  

Our most popular variety, this is our traditional spinach pie to bring you a taste of Greece.

*The Garden of Eden Spanakopita:  

Our vegan variety of the classic Spanakopita. The spinach, fresh vegetables and herbs seasoned and sautéed, before wrapping and delivering to you. The same great taste, just slightly more herbal.

*Turkey In A Blanket:  ( + .25 a pie to go towards added ingredient cost )

 An innovative spanakopita that has our delicious mix, along with turkey and provolone cheese, folded and baked to perfection! The perfect pairing of flavors within the crispy filo layers!

*Greek Ham and Cheese: ( + .25 a pie to go towards added ingredient cost )

If you like ham and cheese anything, then this creative variety is for you! Flaky layers of filo dough with ham and sharp cheddar cheese mixed with our fresh spanakopita ingredients and baked!


*Match Made In Heaven: ( + .25 a pie to go towards added ingredient cost )

Apparently chicken and feta cheese were meant to be! This variation has shredded chicken, sautéed herbs, with our classic Spanakopita mix before being wrapped like a gift in phyllo dough. 

*Mediterranean Morning:( + .25 a pie to go towards added ingredient cost )

We just made it easier to enjoy breakfast anytime! This variation has crispy bacon, and scrambled egg mixed in with out spinach and feta mix in a perfect combination!  If you're an early riser, Just bake them ahead of time for the week to easily pop one in the microwave each morning for a delicious grab and go serving of veggies, protein and carbs!


3 Simple Steps

1.) All spanakopita will be made the first week of each month in bulk unless specified to cater your event! Simply click go to the "Order My Pies page" and click the amount you desire! Then decide on the options and provide 5 things:


 -Type of Pie

-Not baked or baked ( + $5 )

-Phone number

-pickup or delivery ( + $5 )

You'll receive a followup email to discuss and confirm your order,

payment options along with pickup or delivery details!

2.) Your order will be done in bulk with others the first week of each month unless its for a special event. Communicate with us! You can pickup your order from the commercial kitchen or choose to have delivery for a small upcharge of $5 added to your order!


3.) Enjoy Your Spanakopita!!! If unbaked, either bake them or freeze them within a couple days, otherwise enjoy and store the remaining baked pies up to 5 days in the fridge! See the FAQ page for Baking or reheating instructions!





Product details: 

One of our spanakopita's ( spinach pie) is a large triangular shape of roughly

5 inches / 6 inches / 7 inches on each side with about 3/4 to a cup of our delicious mix inside,

the perfect ratio of mix to phyllo!


These are larger than most you've come across in the past ( and have way more flavor.) They can be cut in half to provide 2 servings for catering, or enjoyed as a single serving for a lunch!

Choose any amount you like, with a minimum of 5 pies!  Each spinach pie is priced at $6.99 though any variation aside from the classic will have a $.25 up charge a pie to help with the extra ingredient costs. Large orders are discounted down to $6 each for amounts of 25 pies or more.   


Base prices: 

5 spinach pies = $34 

12 Spinach pies= $84

25 Spinach pies = $150

Custom order = Any amount over 5

They come not baked to allow you more storage options! You can have them in the fridge unbaked for a couple of days, then they must be either frozen or baked. If you freeze them, they can last up to 3 months - simply brought back to life by thawing, brushing the top with olive oil and baking at 350-375 degrees ( about 20 min- until golden and flaky! Let them cool and enjoy!

Once they are baked, they can be stored in the fridge up to 5 days!

When you're ready for the next one, simply throw it in the oven for 5-10 minutes to bring the crispiness back and enjoy! You can also microwave them but they will not come out crispy.

See the FAQ page for any other details!!!