Spanakopita, comes from the Greek word (spanáki), meaning spinach and (πίτα) meaning Pie. Also known as Spinach pie, this  is a traditional Greek recipe. It is a savory pie, containing a mix of spinach and feta, onion, fresh chopped leeks, herbs and spices, cooked and blended to perfection. Typically it is a triangular pastry shape or rectangularly cut and served alongside other greek foods. 

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The history of Greece dates back thousands of years, as well as the culinary use of the majority of the ingredients in spanakopita, however; the origin of the spinach pie dates back about 400 years. No one knows exactly when the first recipe was developed, though it may be similiar to ispanakli, which is a Turkish dish. 

 The majority of the ingredients that we use:






-Olive oil

-salt / pepper



-chicken base

-Phyllo dough