-Your pies will come Unbaked or frozen unless ordered for catering!

They come not baked to allow you more storage options! You can have them in the fridge unbaked for a couple of days maximum, then they must be either frozen or baked. If you freeze them, they can last up to 3-4 months - simply brought back to life by thawing, brushing the top with olive oil and baking at 350-375 degrees ( about 20 min- until golden and flaky! Let them cool and enjoy! Once they are baked, they can be stored in the fridge up to 5 days! When you're ready for the next one, simply throw it in the oven for 5-10 minutes to bring the crispiness back and enjoy! You can also microwave them but they will not come out crispy.


-If I order them baked for catering, do they arrive hot?

You will receive them already baked, slightly warm  or room temperatre and ready to enjoy. However, traditionally they are enjoyed at room temperature ( they have more flavor when they are not hot).  We must let them cool before delivering so the steam doesnt effect the flaky filo. If  you want them warmer after delivery, just throw them in the oven for 5-10 minutes or so at 325 degrees! to simply warm up!

-Storage / Reheating!

You can store your remaining baked pies in the refrigerator up to 5 days. Whenever you're ready for your next triangular bit of deliciousness, simply throw it in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 350 -375 degrees or just until crispy ! You can also use the microwave to warm it up , but it wont be as crispy.

-How do I Pay?

In the near future we will accept payments online , however we are currently we are doing:

venmo, cash, check or paypal.

                                               Venmo: Jonathan-Simos           Paypal:  

- When do I receive my Spanakopita? - The process

-Due to the labor intensive nature ( to put so much love into this product) We must find the ingredients in bulk and then make all the orders in bulk. We are currently making them weekly, so we take orders typically a week ahead of time or By Monday or Tues for Thursday of the same week. However communicate with us to cater your next event!

-After clicking the amount you desire to send us an email -You'll get a followup email within 24 hours to confirm details and discuss pickup or delivery.  We will always contact you the morning of to confirm!

-A $5 Delivery fee will be added to orders, unless you choose pickup. Shipping outside the Sarasota area will be available soon :)

Through the growing pains in being a very small business, we have realized that its simply not sustainable to deliver every single order for free. ( though we wish we could ! ) If you choose the pickup option ( discussed after you order), the address to the commercial kitchen will be provided, along with discussing details on pickup times.

-Whats are the ingredients?

A nutritional facts chart is on the way, in the meantime here are the general ingredients for any allergen information: ( note the vegan is the same without the egg and chicken base)

-Spinach / Onion / Leeks / Scallions / Dill

-Olive oil / salt / pepper

-feta / egg / chicken base / Phyllo dough

-How do I best serve them?

-They can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature as mentioned. You can serve them with a greek salad , with any side you like or even have them as the main dish!

-Are they gluten free?

No, however;  gluten free phyllo dough does exist and we may be able to make a larger order upon request though the price would be affected due to the additional ingredient costs. We can also provide you the mix to enjoy however you choose!  Reach out for any additional questions. 

-Are they vegan or vegetarian?

The vegan option is of course, however our classic spanakopita is traditionally not vegan or vegetarian because  it has some lightly sprinkled feta cheese in the mix as well as the mix being cooked with some chicken base and an egg or two. They would be vegetarian aside from the chicken base and couple of eggs which helps bring the flavors together. 

-Is there butter?

No! The only dairy contained in our pies is a little bit of feta cheese and a couple of eggs . We choose to use olive oil instead of butter between phyllo layers.


-Are they healthy? 

Absolutely!  Its literally a mix of fresh vegetables and herbs, with some thin layers of phyllo dough! Of course healthy is relative and everyone has slightly different dietery needs, however; we use the freshest ingredients possible, with the main ingredients being spinach, phyllo dough,  a little feta, onion, herbs, spices and olive oil. You will always feel good after enjoying our spanakopita  : ) 

-Can you modify orders or do any special requests? 

Yes and No,  as a small, family owned and operated business, it is difficult to cater to special requests or  modifications for many reasons. Ask us and we will do our best depending on the volume of that week!


We generally cannot, but it truly depends. Some requests may seem like a potentially easy , but think of the sheer volume of these simple requests, and how complicated and time consuming they can add up to be for a small operation- affecting efficiency , costs and the overall operation. Since we cannot cater to them all, we must be fair and generally stick with the system :)